Understanding NetEnt Return to Player

By 26 October 2020

Among the top casino game suppliers in the industry, NetEnt is surely a name to reckon with. The developer creates all kinds of casino games which players can enjoy. In this article, we'll shed light on the RTP of NetEnt games. Visit http://www.netentcasinos.money for reviews of NetEnt games.

What is Return to Player?

Return to player of a NetEnt game is the percentage of total money which players wager on the game, and that they can expect as winnings from the game over a long duration of time. You can play NetEnt games at casinos listed on https://www.cof-fitness.net .

For example, if a game has an RTP rate of 94%, and the total money that was wagered on the game is $100. Players can expect to receive winnings of $94 dollars on the game. The remaining $4 goes to the casino as profit and it's called the House Edge.

Why RTP is Important

From the example used in the preceding paragraph, you will notice that the game does not give back all money wagered back to the player. Thus, for you to get a theoretical advantage to win more from the game you need to choose a game with high RTP.

The more the RTP of a casino game, the higher the chances that you will win more when playing the game. One of the good things about NetEnt games is that they have good RTP rate which is usually somewhere around 92% to 99%.

The RTP Rates of Some NetEnt Games

Most of the slots from NetEnt has an average RTP rate of 96%. Starburst, for instance, offers a return to player ratio of 96.10%. Gonzo's Quest, which is another popular slot offers players 96% RTP. Slots such as Blood Sucker comes with an RTP of 98%

Table games and live casino games from NetEnt offer as high as 99% RTP rates. A good example of such is the NetEnt Branded Casino Blitz Blackjack which has an RTP percentage of 99.50%. Another live game with high RTP value is Perfect Blackjack which offers an RTP of 99.66%

Can RTP Values Change?

One thing you need to know os that RTP values are theoretical. This means that they are not fixed. The RTP of a game may change from one casino to the other. Although many online casinos are now using the same RTP provided by the game developer.

Some games come with flexible RTP as well. Games such as Hotline slot, for instance, has a different RTP value during the base game and bonus mode. In the base game, the RTP of the slot is 96.13%. However, once players activate the bonus mode the RTP goes to 97.04%

Is RTP the same as Volatility?

A few players tend to confuse RTP and Volatility. Although the two terms are associated with casino games, their definitions are different. The volatility of a game simply tells players the risk involved in playing that game. It's the probability that they may either win or lose.

NetEnt has made it very easy for players to check the RTP of its games. All you need to do is click on the information menu which is provided in all NetEnt games, and you will be able to see the return to player rate of the game.