Introduction to NetEnt and NetEnt Casinos

By 26 October 2020

NetEnt is a reputable producer of online slots. They have brought a pool of innovative ideas together to make top-notch slots. You can play different NetEnt online slots and live casinos at topnetent-casinos . NetEnt games have different promotional offers such as bonuses and free spins.

Different Ways to Contact NetEnd

There are different recommended casino houses with great-ice-fishing-house-plans where you can play NetEnt slots. You can check them from the NetEnt main site. With different players all over the world turning to online casinos, there is an increased need for customer support team.

Having great customer support builds the trust of the players. The main attributes of a great customer support is reliability, availability, accountability, and convenience. We are going to discus some of the chanels you can use to reach out to NetEnt's customer support team.

Use of Email

NetEnt site has a "Contact US" where you will select the area of interest. There are six departments you can reach out to. Those include Info, Sales, Press, Investor, Work, and, Affiliate. Each department has its own unique email address you can use to reach out to the support team.

The use of email addresses is one of the most convenient ways. You can send them an email and check the response later when you are free. Email content can also be documented in case there will be a need for proof. Sending an email is free.

Use of a Phone Number

NetEnt casino has a phone number that is similar (+46 8 578 54 500) in all departments (apart from sales and affiliate which does not have a phone). During working hours, you can make a call to their call center headquarters and get directed to the department of your choice.

Making a phone call is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to reach for help. There is a large pool of support staff equipped with different skills to solve different problems facing their casino users. They are available in different languages for convenience.

Why is Email and Phone Enough

Different customers have different issues that require different levels of urgency. For example, issues to do with money not reflecting in the account, unable to withdraw cash, and also a bug in the system requires to be attended instantly. Giving them a phone call will solve.

Some problems like the inability to understand the gameplay do not require a lot of urgencies. Sending them an email will be better. A member of the customer support team will reply within 12 hours. All you need is to send the mail during office hours.

Conclussion and Recomedation.

NetEnt casino provides their players with two channels to reach their customer support center. They use both email and phone calls. A player will choose the means that are more convenient for them. For instant feedback, a phone call is more preferred than email.

NetEnt can also improve how to reach them by including other channels such as live chat and toll-free numbers. Live chat ensures that customers can get responses on a 24/7 basis. A toll-free number ensures that the tariff is catered for by the company and not the customer.